About A1 Landscaping Services LLC

A1 Landscaping Services LLC is a full-service best landscape design and maintenance company that
enhances properties in the northern Virginia area, including Leesburg VA, Ashburn VA, Aldie VA, Purcellville VA.

We're All About the Best Landscape

We offer a perspective that only best landscape design company pros can provide. If you are a homeowner looking to improve your property's appearance, A1 is the right choice. We are the landscaping maintenance company with the vision to help people bring out the best in their outdoor spaces. Sound landscape design is crucial for getting full enjoyment out of your outdoor space. And we do a superb job of getting the most from your exterior spaces. Our mission is to help beautify and maintain lawns and landscapes. You are guaranteed the best quality at competitive prices. Our services are incredibly cost-effective, and you won't find better deals elsewhere. We offer quick, lasting, and beautiful landscaping services. We're confident that when new customers try A1, they'll stick with us for years.

Our Approach

We take a simple, direct approach to landscaping, such as preparing your lawn for summer heat,
installing hardscaping that possesses simple elegance, outdoor landscape features. Our
landscaping services focus on simplicity and a design approach with a modern appeal for
northern Virginia homeowners and businesses.

As a professional landscaper, my mission is to inspire my team to help realize the vision that we create with our customers.

We provide unique and new ideas for commercial design. Our keen eye and extensive
knowledge of plants seek to put the right plant in the right location. We consider space
requirements allowing for plant growth and observe environmental factors such as lighting
exposures, soil conditions, plant hardiness, and deer resistance. Landscape design requires a view
of the entire property. The perfect commercial landscaping modulates between a sense of
boundary and openness.

Here's A Good Idea

Use the Internet to gather ideas for your property. You can start at places like Pinterest and
Facebook. Landscaping companies around the world will be showing off their best work. We
look at them too, but it’s your imagination that counts the most. Let yourself discover what others
have created and let us take it to the next level.

Like in any industry, we have our own terminology. In fact, our penchant for buzzwords may
rival that of the tech world. But don’t worry, we won’t bore you with an entire dictionary of
terms, not even a glossary. There are hundreds of terms related to landscaping, many of which do
not exist in any other industry. Here are just a few you might want for reference.

Setbacks – understanding setbacks is essential for best landscaping. A setback is a legal distance
required for placing plants and other structures inside property boundaries. For example, in most
cities, a property owner cannot build a shed, chicken coop, or other permanent structure less than
two meters from a property boundary.

Our Commitment to Low Cost & Impact Landscaping

Let’s talk about how we can make it beautiful. You can get in touch using our
CONTACT FORM or by calling 571-490-1879. We’ll set up an appointment to visit
your property, where we’ll have a conversation about the different ways we can make your lawn
a fantastic place to spend an afternoon.